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According to a consumer study conducted by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), 88% of individuals view massage therapy as beneficial to overall health and wellness. There are many advantages to receiving massage therapy, from relieving pain to managing cancer symptoms and reducing depression.


Soul TOUCH Massage was established in 2015 in the Richmond, Virginia area. Since its beginning, the focus has been on providing outstanding service regarding health and wellness and promoting community awareness about massage's therapeutic benefits.


TOUCH stands for treatment offering unconditional care and healing. In other words, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and recovery.

Meet our creator

Warren Martin

Warren Martin, owner/therapist, Virginia native and founder of Soul Touch Therapy, from a young age, has had a love for art, music, family, peaceful surroundings, and healthy living.  

In 2001,  Warren made a career move to Atlanta, GA.   During that time, his passion leaned more toward a holistic lifestyle and adopting an even healthier diet.

In 2005, he began his studies in Massage Therapy at Everest College, formerly Georgia Medical Institute.  He loves helping family and friends heal through touch and soon realized that the therapeutic and healing value of massage was an asset to helping his community.

Warren continues to sharpen his skills by working with various established massage businesses and taking continuing education courses every two years.